Sewing Serenity: The Coastal Getaway Quilt Crafting Guide

Embark on a quilting journey that captures the essence of tranquility and beauty with the Coastal Getaway Quilt. Designed by Monique Jacobs for Maywood Studio, this quilt, measuring 62″ x 74″, offers a delightful challenge for quilters of intermediate skill levels. In this guide, we’ll navigate through the steps of creating the Coastal Getaway Quilt, emphasizing the harmonious blend of light and dark fabric tones that create its stunning visual appeal.


The Coastal Getaway Quilt Crafting

Before diving into the creation of the Coastal Getaway Quilt, it’s important to assemble all the necessary materials. This quilt requires a specific set of fabrics, including a mix of light and dark fat quarters, as well as additional fabric for inner and outer borders and binding.

You’ll also need backing fabric, batting, and your standard quilting toolkit, comprising a sewing machine, cutting tools, quilting rulers, pins, and threads. This section of the article will detail the exact fabric requirements and offer advice on organizing your materials for an efficient and enjoyable quilting process.

Fabric Selection and Preparation

The choice of fabric is crucial in bringing the Coastal Getaway Quilt to life. This section will guide you through selecting the perfect balance of light and dark fat quarters to achieve the quilt’s serene aesthetic.


We’ll discuss the importance of fabric quality, color harmony, and print scale, providing tips on how to prepare your fabrics, including washing, drying, and ironing, to ensure a smooth quilting experience.

Coastal Getaway Quilt

Full Pattern: Click Here

Precision in Cutting

The elegance of the Coastal Getaway Quilt begins with precise cutting of your chosen fabrics. This section will delve into the best practices for accurate and efficient fabric cutting.

We’ll cover the use of rotary cutters and quilting rulers, emphasizing the importance of following the pattern’s dimensions closely to ensure a seamless assembly later on. Tips for organizing your cut pieces will also be provided, making the piecing process more manageable and enjoyable.

Piecing is the heart of the quilt-making process, where individual fabric pieces come together to form a harmonious whole. In this part of the guide, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for piecing the Coastal Getaway Quilt.

From arranging your cut pieces according to the pattern layout to sewing them together, each step will be detailed to help you achieve a beautifully aligned quilt top. We’ll also offer advice on maintaining consistent seam allowances and handling tricky areas to ensure a smooth piecing experience.

Layering and Quilting

After the quilt top is pieced, it’s time to assemble the quilt sandwich and begin quilting. This section will guide you through the process of layering your quilt top, batting, and backing fabric.

We’ll discuss different methods for basting these layers together and offer suggestions for choosing a quilting pattern that complements the Coastal Getaway Quilt’s design. Whether you’re machine quilting or hand quilting, this part of the guide will provide insights into techniques that can enhance the quilt’s overall look and feel.

Materials List

  1. Assorted Fabrics: Selection of light and dark fat quarters as per the quilt pattern.
  2. Border Fabric: Additional fabric for the inner and outer borders.
  3. Binding Fabric: Fabric for the quilt’s binding.
  4. Backing Fabric: Fabric for the back of the quilt.
  5. Batting: Suitable size quilt batting for warmth and structure.
  6. Sewing Machine: A reliable machine for piecing and quilting.
  7. Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat: For precise fabric cutting.
  8. Quilting Ruler: For accurate measurements.
  9. Quilting Pins and Needles: For securing fabrics and hand sewing.
  10. Threads: High-quality threads that complement your fabric choices.

Step Guide

  1. Fabric Preparation: Wash, dry, and iron your fabrics to prevent shrinkage and color bleeding.
  2. Cutting the Fabrics: Accurately measure and cut your fabrics according to the quilt pattern.
  3. Arranging Fabric Pieces: Lay out the cut pieces to finalize the design layout of the quilt.
  4. Piecing the Blocks: Sew the cut pieces together to form the quilt blocks, paying attention to color and pattern placement.
  5. Assembling the Quilt Top: Join the blocks to create the quilt top, ensuring proper alignment and seam consistency.
  6. Preparing the Quilt Sandwich: Lay the backing fabric, place the batting on top, and add the quilt top.
  7. Basting the Layers: Secure the three layers with basting stitches or pins.
  8. Quilting: Stitch through all layers, following your chosen quilting design.
  9. Trimming and Squaring Up: Trim the edges and square up the quilt after quilting.
  10. Binding the Quilt: Prepare and attach the binding for a neat finish.
  11. Final Inspection and Touches: Check for any loose threads or adjustments needed.
  12. Quilt Care Instructions: Provide care tips for the finished quilt.

Completing the Coastal Getaway Quilt is not only an achievement in quilting but also a creation of a serene and elegant masterpiece. This journey, from selecting the perfect shades of fabric to the final binding stitches, has allowed you to express your creativity and skill in quilting.

The finished quilt, with its harmonious blend of colors and sophisticated design, is a testament to your dedication and passion for the craft. May the Coastal Getaway Quilt bring a sense of calm and beauty to its surroundings, inspiring you to continue your quilting adventures with new projects and challenges.


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