Create a Morrison Park Quilt with Ease

Hello, quilting enthusiasts and lovers of all things fabric! It’s Julie here, brimming with excitement to guide you through the artful journey of quilt making. Today, I’m eager to share with you a story interwoven with creativity and passion—a tale of how the English Trellis pattern became a cherished piece in my quilting repertoire. Follow along as we explore the joy of transforming simple fabrics into a masterpiece of design and comfort.


Crafting the English Trellis Quilt with Morrison Park

The English Trellis pattern is a quilter’s dream, merging the beauty of English gardens with the classic appeal of trellis designs. I chose five captivating Morrison Park fabrics and paired them with navy, white, and gray solids to give life to this quilt pattern. It’s a perfect orchestration of color and print, just like the harmonious layout of an English garden.

I took to EQ8 to design the quilt, integrating the fabric images to render a virtual quilt top. This step is a revelation, allowing you to visualize the quilt before even making the first cut. Imagine my delight as I watched the virtual quilt come alive, knowing that the real one would be just as enchanting.

Quilting the Morrison Park Masterpiece

Once the quilt top was pieced together, the quilting began. I contemplated various quilting designs but settled on an allover figure-eight motif, using the 3″ finished pieces in the quilt to maintain even spacing. This choice was inspired by a similar pattern I used on my ruler quilt, proving that sometimes, the piecing itself can guide your quilting hand.


For piecing and quilting, I chose Aurifil’s 50 wt thread in soft white. It’s a favorite of mine for its subtlety and strength. The fine quality of the thread meant that even across contrasting fabrics like navy and gray, it blended beautifully without overtaking the design.


  1. Inspiration and Selection: Embrace the Morrison Park collection by Pat Sloan for Benartex, letting the floral and blender prints inspire your quilt design. Choose five fabrics from the collection that speak to you, adding navy, white, and gray solids to create a balanced and eye-catching palette.
  2. Preparation and Planning: Wash all selected fabrics with a neutral detergent to safeguard color integrity. Iron each piece flat to ensure smooth cutting and sewing. Pre-order your Morrison Park fabrics from preferred vendors like the Fat Quarter Shop to ensure you have all the necessary materials.
  3. Design with EQ8: Utilize EQ8 quilt design software to bring your quilt to life digitally before cutting. Upload Morrison Park fabric images to preview and adjust your quilt top, ensuring satisfaction with color placement and print scale.
  4. Cutting Your Fabric: Following the English Trellis pattern instructions, cut your fabrics into the required shapes and sizes. Precision here will pay off in the final appearance of your quilt.
  5. Piecing the Top: Start by piecing together the central elements of the quilt. Carefully align each piece, following the English Trellis pattern guidance, to begin forming the trellis design.
  6. Assembling the Blocks: Once your central elements are pieced, construct the blocks by adding the surrounding fabrics. This step brings the trellis design to prominence and starts to show the quilt’s intricate patterns.
  7. Quilting Decisions: With the quilt top assembled, decide on your quilting motif. Consider an allover figure-eight pattern, which works well with the quilt’s geometry. Use the 3″ finished pieces as guides for even spacing.
  8. Quilting Process: Quilt using Aurifil 50 wt thread in soft white, a versatile choice that complements all the Morrison Park fabrics. Quilt from the center out, ensuring that the tension is even and the stitches are consistent.
  9. Final Touches: After quilting, trim any excess and square up your quilt. Bind the edges with a fabric that highlights the quilt’s color scheme. Sew on a label to mark your creation, and give your finished quilt a final press.

By following these steps, you will create a stunning English Trellis quilt using the Morrison Park fabric line. This quilt will not only be a testament to your quilting skills but also a cherished piece for years to come. Enjoy the process and the beautiful quilt you will create.

Morrison Park

Full Pattern: Click Here

As we stitch the final pieces of our English Trellis quilt, we also weave the end of this chapter in our quilting journey. With the vibrant Morrison Park fabrics coming together under the dance of our needles, we’ve not only crafted a quilt but also a narrative of creativity and resilience.

It’s been a delight to share this process with you, from the initial selection of the lush fabrics to the final quilting touches that brought our English Trellis to life. This quilt is more than a pattern; it’s a testament to the joy we find in every fold, every stitch, and every piece of fabric we lovingly choose.

May this quilt remind you of the beauty that can be created in the midst of chaos, and may it inspire you to continue exploring the vast world of quilting. Keep these moments close to your heart, as they are the threads that connect us in this vast community of quilters.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Until we meet again, keep your quilting spirit alive, your creativity thriving, and, as always, find joy in every patch and piece.

Happy quilting!

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